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               Our Engineering Department is committed to providing excellent service to our customers in all aspects of their business. Experienced, self-motivated personnel, state of the art hardware and software as well as ongoing training are the keys to staying competitive and aggressive in the modern market. 

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  • Product design

Our extensive experience with mold production enables our engineers to help in the design of plastic parts for the Injection Molding Industry. Expert use of Pro/Engineer and Solid Works allows generation of 3D Models in a short period of time that gives realistic view of the product and takes the program to the next step.

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  • Mold Design

Combination of 3D and 2D Software provides ability to fully design models of components in Pro/Mold and drawings of mold assemblies in AutoCAD concurrently, which reduces Engineering delivery. All Designs are subject to a thorough internal review by Design and Manufacturing personnel. We can handle multiple mold projects by employing approved Engineering vendors.

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We are ready to take on any project. Give us an opportunity and we will work diligently, putting 100% of our effort into insuring the complete success of the program. Our goal is to become your reliable resource for engineering support.We will be honored to quote any project in 48 hours.

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  • Engineering Services

Over the years we have developed highly reliable sources for Mold Flow, Cooling, Warp and Shrinkage, Stress Analysis. 3D Software also is being used to produce SLA and SLS Models. Within 3-5 days we can deliver highly realistic, computer-generated photo shots, followed by painted and decorated Models ready for presentation.

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  • Rapid Deployment Tooling

Equipped with Pro/Mold Software, High Speed Machining Center, 3 Axis Wire and CNC EDM machines we are setup to produce single cavity Rapid Deployment Tools that will replicate Processing, Cooling and Cycles of production molds. This allows our customers to jump-start projects and if needed sustain production until Multi-cavity Molds are built.

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Contact us at:
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