Located in Southern New England Connecticut Tool Co Inc. continues to serve the Molding Industry. Started as 3-man shop in 1981 we have grown into a state of the art company utilizing cutting edge technology. We pride ourselves on dedicating all our efforts, knowledge and talents to build success for our customers. Our on time delivery has become a trademark. We hold steady 98% delivery rate.
    Specializing in Class 101 Injection Molds we supply our customers with sophisticated, high precision tooling with optimized mechanics and cooling, capable of running an aggressive cycle. By selecting the best steel and providing interchangeability of components we guarantee tool longevity. Our engineering resources provide full service from product design and development to mold design.
     We serve a wide cross section of industries. In 20 years of company existence we have designed and built molds for a variety of products such as:
  • Syringe barrels for medical and veterinary applications.
  • Bearing molds for automotive and high tech applications.
  • Connectors with over molded metal inserts.
  • Closures for the Cosmetic Industry.
  • Pen parts
  • Medical devices
  • Cell phone components

We build a variety of high precision Single and Multi-cavity; Cold and Hot Runner molds including:

  • Unscrewing molds.
  • Internal and external side action tools.
  • Insert molds.
  • Tools for In Mold Decoration.

We are also well equipped to provide our customers with quick turn around on

  • Redesign and replacement of mold components.
  • Spare parts.
  • Forces, Screw Plugs and Face Cavities for compression tooling.
  • Repair of existing molds, including in house welding.







6 Highland Drive
Putnam, CT 06260
Telephone :          (860) 928-0565
Main Fax :           (860) 928-2074
Engineering Fax :  (860) 928-2041

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